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FCNL now distributes War Is Not the Answer bumper stickers, yard signs, and posters through CafePress.

Please visit our online store to show your support for peace!

Frequently Asked Questions

Quaker students from Haverford College gathered in March 2013 with Program Assistant Annie Boggess to engage in worship-sharing around the revision of FCNL’s policy statement.

I'm doing a presentation about FCNL. Can you still send me materials directly?

Please contact Julia Neumann, julia@fcnl.org or 202-465-7510. We have a limited number of War Is Not the Answer materials we can supply for these events.

Does FCNL earn income from CafePress?

No. We have made the materials available at the lowest price possible to cover production and shipping.

I have a question about my order. Whom do I contact?

Visit the CafePress help center with any questions about placing, shipping or receiving your order.

What can I do to support peace besides ordering a sign?

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