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Build Support for the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act

FCNL and other organizations committed to atrocities prevention are supporting the Genocide and Atrocities Prevent Act. But your senators need to hear straight from the people who matter most: you, their constituents.

Take Action

Lobby in Person

Congressional staffers agree that lobbying in person is the most effective way to influence your member of Congress, whether at home or in DC.

Learn how to lobby in person and request a lobby training.

Work with Groups

Groups and coalitions can have a significant effect on members of Congress. Join or start a group in your area -- or help multiple groups work together to effect change.

Learn how to connect your group with Washington.

Speak through the Media

Local papers are major resources for congressional offices working to stay in touch with their districts. Naming your member of Congress in a local paper almost guarantees that they will read your position.

Learn how to write an effective letter to the editor.

Send a Message

Call or email your member of Congress to address emerging issues and to take action quickly. Personalize your message by telling the office how legislation will affect you and your community.

Visit our action center.

FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

"Friends acknowledge the indispensable role of government in safeguarding the integrity of our society and the essential dignity of all human beings. Citizens have the responsibility to participate vigorously in making government more responsive, open, and accountable."

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Share Your Story

Have you written a letter to the editor, dropped off information, lobbied in your state or approved a minute? Let us know! Email Julia with details of what's happening in your community.

Our work with the grassroots depends on your support.


More Ways to Take Action

See a complete list of ways to take action to influence your members of Congress.

Go to the list.

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