Shared Security: A Project of AFSC and FCNL

Shared Security: A Project of AFSC and FCNL

Our country’s security is now tied more closely than ever to the security of the other nations. Threats to shared security come from transnational organizations, diseases, scarcity or climate as often as from sovereign nations. In this context, the countries of the world need to work together.

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These one-page flyers are a great conversation starter for peace events, meeting and more. Print off one for yourself and some extras to share with your friends and neighbors! We have information on working with Congress, as well as background for legislative programs.

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Other Publications

General Information about FCNL

This brochure is an introduction to FCNL and our work.

A Theological Perspective on Quaker Lobbying

Margery Post-Abbott discusses the history and current practice of Quaker engagement with the government. This booklet includes an in-depth discussion of lobbying as spiritual practice.

Washington Newsletter

The bimonthly FCNL Washington Newsletter provides news and analysis for a selection of domestic and international issues with a primary focus on peace, disarmament, international cooperation, and social and economic justice.

Indian Report

The Indian Report is released semiannually and provides an in-depth look at Native American issues.

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