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The bimonthly FCNL Washington Newsletter provides news and analysis for a selection of domestic and international issues with a primary focus on peace, disarmament, international cooperation, and social and economic justice.

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Mass Incarceration: Massively Wrong

We all lose when we lock people away. Incarceration denies the opportunities for rehabilitation and healing that are necessary for a person to fulfill his or her potential. This is a loss not only to the individual and his or her family but to society as a whole.

Congress Can Break the Cycle of Mass Incarceration

Mandatory minimum sentences—laws that require binding prison terms for certain crimes—are the reason so many people are behind bars in the U.S. today. The good news is that members of Congress are now recognizing the problem. In 2015, your advocacy on sentencing reform can help FCNL change these unfair and costly laws.

Mass Incarceration: Long-Term Effects

Ending mass incarceration means working to close the front door of prisons, preventing nonviolent offenders from being incarcerated in the first place. It also means opening doors for people after release.

Change at Home

Reforming the criminal justice system means changing state as well as federal laws. While FCNL focuses on federal legislation, we take inspiration and hope from the work many are doing in their own states.

Mass Incarceration: Congress Can Make a Difference Now

Congress could act this year. Here are some of the proposals being considered to address mass incarceration.


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