Make Peace an Election Issue

Make Peace an Election Issue

August: The 2014 campaign season is in full swing. As candidates work to secure your vote, they are especially receptive to hearing your perspective. You have an opportunity not only to share your concerns and priorities but also to help educate candidates and people in your community about how issues have changed or emerged since the last election cycle.

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The bimonthly FCNL Washington Newsletter provides news and analysis for a selection of domestic and international issues with a primary focus on peace, disarmament, international cooperation, and social and economic justice.

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Recent Articles

An Ocean of Darkness, an Ocean of Light: Working with Hope in Washington

At FCNL, we see an ocean of light flowing over the waters of darkness as we encourage and urge our government to take steps toward creating peace, ensuring a more just society and preserving the gifts of the natural world.

Answering to that of God: Ruth Flower on Lobbying

Ruth Flower brings a grounded, relationship-based approach to her work, whether helping to guide FCNL staff, meeting with coalition partners, or lobbying in a congressional office.

Changing Congress on Climate Change

Working with advocates across the country and partners in other faith communities, FCNL is finding a way forward on climate change. Discussing climate disruption from a faith-based, moral or ethical perspective can help overcome partisan divides and encourage both Democrats and Republicans in Congress to publicly acknowledge the reality of climate disruption.

Interview: Tracy Edmonds, Grassroots Lobbyist

Tracy Edmonds says, “For most of my life I would not have characterized myself as a humanitarian or someone working in the area of social justice. But lately, that’s been changing.”

Iran: Diplomacy’s Time Has Come

As negotiations continue, Congress could return to the idea of punishing Iran for not moving quickly enough to meet U.S. demands. But there has been a fundamental shift in the environment on Capitol Hill, one that gives more room for diplomacy.

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