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The bimonthly FCNL Washington Newsletter provides news and analysis for a selection of domestic and international issues with a primary focus on peace, disarmament, international cooperation, and social and economic justice.

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Building a Pathway to Peace

From the outside, an outbreak of violence can seem spontaneous. But even when a community seems relatively peaceful, the seeds of violence can be growing. Where there is poverty, oppression, corruption, or scarcity of resources, the potential for violence is there as well.

An Infrastructure for Peace

Over the past 15 years, FCNL has worked to move U.S. foreign policy in this direction. We have made progress: the U.S. now has some infrastructure in place to prevent violence and build peace. The rhetoric of peacebuilding is starting to penetrate.

What Can the U.S. Do?

The U.S. is beginning to build the infrastructure to support peace and respond effectively when violence threatens. Over the past eight years, this work has moved forward as the Obama administration and some in Congress have elevated the importance of peacebuilding efforts and created ways to fund them.

Peacebuilding in the Central African Republic

U.S. investments and responses are making a difference, but there is continued need for U.S. support of and engagement with the people of CAR. The communities FCNL's Allyson Neville-Morgan visited still have immense needs and challenges to building peace.


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