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The bimonthly FCNL Washington Newsletter provides news and analysis for a selection of domestic and international issues with a primary focus on peace, disarmament, international cooperation, and social and economic justice.

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Join Me to Lobby for Sentencing Reform

Advocacy with members of Congress this November and December will be critical if sentencing reform is to pass this year.

The Possibilities

Regarding each other with love and respect, rather than with fear and suspicion, is essential to the strong social fabric of our communities. We witness the gaps in this social fabric, torn by racial injustice, religious intolerance, and fear of others. Some of us experience this injustice firsthand.

The Power of a Question: Talking to Candidates

We’re approaching peak campaign season for the 2016 election. While the presidential contenders are getting the most attention, other candidates are also vying for your vote. Fourteen states will elect governors this year. Thirty-four states will elect a senator. And every congressional district — all 435 of them — has a House race on the ballot.


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