Iran: Diplomacy Works

Iran: Diplomacy Works

December/January: Our priority is to see the U.S. government engage in the diplomacy that will help bring Iran back into the fold of the international community and prevent the country from acquiring nuclear weapons.

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Legislative Priorities for the 114th Congress

The General Committee sets new priorities every two years, as a new Congress takes office. The Statement of Legislative Priorities identifies a set of issues on which staff is expected to focus time, energy and resources. The current priorities are for the 114th Congress (approved November 22, 2012).

Iran: Diplomacy Works

For more a decade, FCNL has advocated for improved U.S.-Iran relations. In the past year, diplomatic efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb have make significant progress, and FCNL redoubled our efforts—through our effective grassroots network and through our lobbyists in Washington—to lobby Congress to keep this space open for diplomacy.

The View from a Sojourner in Iraq

From 2006 until 2010, Jim Fine led FCNL’s lobbying program on Middle East issues. He spoke with us this fall about his perspective on U.S.-Iran negotiations and what’s needed to help quell the violence in the Middle East.

Getting Ready for the New Congress

Whether your members are new or returning, now is a good time to let them know what matters to you. Here are some suggestions for beginning (or continuing) to build the relationship that will last throughout this session of Congress.

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