Shared Security: A Quaker Perspective on U.S. Foreign Policy

Shared Security: A Quaker Perspective on U.S. Foreign Policy

January/February: Our world is interconnected in ways that would have been hard to imagine 20 years ago. Solving the problems we face as a global community requires cooperative approaches. U.S. foreign policy needs a new framework for this changing world.

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Shared Security

Quakers have a long history of working at the intersection of the prophetic and the practical to bring into being a transformed world where peace and justice flourish. In this joint AFSC and FCNL Shared Security project, we are continuing this tradition as we work to develop a framework for U.S. interactions in a changing world.

Addressing Trauma to Build Peace in Burundi

Burundian faith-based, peacebuilding, human rights and other civil society organizations and actors, including Quakers, are well organized and committed to protecting and strengthening their nation’s relative peace. Friends and others who have learned so much about sustaining peace in this region in Africa are eager to support them.

Resource Mismanagement, Climate and Conflict in Syria

Why was Syria so vulnerable to the effects of climate change? The U.S. and international community need to answer this question as they look to support Syria’s return to peace and stability.

Activating U.S. Government Structures to Prevent Atrocities: The Challenge of the Central African Republic

Over the last decade, FCNL has advocated for the U.S. government to establish policies and structures to help prevent violent conflicts before they start and lobbied Congress to codify these policies and fund these structures. The crisis in the Central African Republic has put these structures to the test.

Missed Opportunities in Syria

It is true that Syria is not yet at peace. The country’s civil war continues, and the international conference that could help end the killing has been delayed. But the decision by the U.S. and Russia to negotiate and work multilaterally with Syria’s neighbors to address chemical weapons is a step in the right direction.

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