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FCNL's network includes people in every state and congressional district in the country. People write letters, display and distribute War Is Not the Answer signs and bumper stickers, participate in peace vigils, organize events, and more.

New Garden Friends Meeting, Greensboro, NC

New Garden Friends Meeting, Greensboro, NC

The Network by the Numbers

Who Is FCNL?

Everyone in our network has their own story of why they are active with FCNL. We'd like to introduce a few of the people in our network to you.

Kathy Coe

Kathy Coe

Kathy Coe, a retired musician, journalist, community organizer, and pastor of Jamestown (NC) Friends Meeting, is a relatively new face at FCNL.

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Brown is a busy professional in Seattle, WA and father of 2 children. Although he is not employed in Washington, DC or working on peace issues vocationally, he is still actively involved in the peace movement.

Cushman Anthony

Cushman Anthony

Cush Anthony enriches FCNL with a variety of perspectives: those of a former Maine state legislator, a former FCNL Friend in Washington, an FCNL committee member, and, now, a member of a Unitarian Universalist Church,

From Tokenism to Collaboration: The Peace Movement and Vets

"FCNL has made a really concerted effort to reach out to the veteran community, and bring us in. As a veteran, that felt really comfortable. I felt like I was being welcomed in; instead of being tokenized or being used as a figurehead I was being welcomed in as a member of this community to do this work."
-- Geoffrey Millard, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), at FCNL's Spring Lobby Weekend

The War Is Not the Answer Community

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