Kaine Syria 3rd Anniversary

Senate Votes for Syria Humanitarian Support

The Syria Humanitarian Resolution of 2014 (S. Res. 384) passed the Senate with unanimous consent. Write a letter to the editor thanking your senators for voting in support of a robust humanitarian response and for a political resolution to the crisis in Syria.

Next Steps

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Since the onset of the Syrian war, 2.3 million Syrians have fled to neighboring countries, placing enormous pressure on local communities, infrastructure and economies. Check out FCNL's recommendations to bolster humanitarian and diplomatic support to address the regional refugee crisis and Syrian humanitarian crisis at large.

On the Hill

Syria Humanitarian Resolution

FCNLworked with a broad coalition of human rights and humanitarian groups to support legislation introduced by Senators Kaine (VA) and Rubio (FL) that calls for increased humanitarian assistance for Syria, and urges a political solution to the crisis. Check out Senator Kaine's press release, the full text of the bill and thank your senators for co-sponsoring the legislation.

Stories and Successes

Stand #WithSyria

On the third anniversary of conflict, people from around the world are showing every child, woman, and man caught in the conflict that we are with them, that we stand #WithSyria. Let's not let the people of Syria lose another year to bloodshed and suffering.

Pressure's on MN Sens. to Oppose Sanctions

Star Tribune

FCNL's Kate Gould and Former Foreign Service Officer William Davnie urge Senators Klobuchar and Franken to support the diplomatic path with Iran by publicly opposing this new sanctions bill and urging their colleagues to do the same.

Kate Gould interviewed on RT America

RT America

Kate Gould speaks with RT's Meghan Lopez about the next steps the United States and the rest of the international community should take to end the conflict in Syria.

Kate Gould interviewed on RT America about Iran

Big Picture Rumble

Kate Gould speaks with RT's Thom Hartmann about the Iranian nuclear deal and discusses the bipartisan group of Senators that are trying to sabotage it.

Letters to the Editor on Syria

FCNL constituents are successfully making their voices heard by publishing letters to the editor in newspapers all around the country. Check out what they are saying.


FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

We support active non-violent responses to prevent or transform violent conflict at all levels.

The cycles of violence perpetuated by acts of terror and the armed overthrow of governments serve as warning against the use of force, while the examples of nonviolent movements for change provide concrete alternatives.

No war is justified.

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We seek a world free of war and the threat of war.

Support our work for a world without war.

Meet Our Lobbyist

Kate Gould

Kate Gould lobbies on ending the violence in Syria, preventing war with Iran, Israel-Palestine peace, and other Middle East issues.


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