Freeze the Nukes, Fund the Future Co-signers

Oct 12, 2011

Representative Ed Markey (MA-7) has written a letter to his colleagues asking them to join him in urging the “super committee” to freeze spending on nuclear weapons in order to avoid cutting funding to other important social programs. The super committee is a group of six senators and six representatives, otherwise known as the “gang of 12,” charged with developing a plan to reduce the country’s deficit by at least $1.5 trillion over the next ten years. The plan must be completed by Nov. 23, 2011.

Read Markey's letter here.

The following members of the House of Representatives have co-signed Rep. Markey's letter as of October 12, 2011:

Markey, Edward J. (MA-7)

Baldwin, Tammy (WI-2)

Bishop, Timothy H. (NY-1)

Blumenauer, Earl (OR-3)

Brady, Robert A. (PA-1)

Braley, Bruce L. (IA-1)

Capps, Lois (CA-23)

Capuano, Michael E. (MA-8)

Chu, Judy (CA-32)

Clarke, Hansen (MI-13)

Cohen, Steve (TN-9)

Conyers, John Jr. (MI-14)

Cummings, Elijah E. (MD-7)

Davis, Danny K. (IL-7)

DeFazio, Peter A. (OR-4)

Edwards, Donna F. (MD-4)

Ellison, Keith (MN-5)

Eshoo, Anna G. (CA-14)

Farr, Sam (CA-17)

Filner, Bob (CA-51)

Frank, Barney (MA-4)

Grijalva, Raul M. (AZ-7)

Hastings, Alcee L. (FL-23)

Hinchey, Maurice D. (NY-22)

Hirono, Maize K. (HI-2)

Holt, Rush D. (NJ-12)

Honda, Michael M. (CA-15)

Jackson, Jesse L. Jr. (IL-2)

Jackson Lee, Sheila (TX-18)

Johnson, Henry C. (GA-4)

Keating, William R. (MA-10)

Kucinich, Dennis J. (OH-10)

Lee, Barbara (CA-9)

Lewis, John (GA-5)

Lynch, Stephen F. (MA-9)

Maloney, Carolyn B. (NY-14)

Matsui, Doris O. (CA-5)

McDermott, Jim (WA-7)

McGovern, James P. (MA-3)

Meeks, Gregory W. (NY-6)

Michaud, Michael H. (ME-2)

Miller, George (CA-7)

Moore, Gwen (WI-4)

Moran, James P. (VA-8)

Nadler, Jerrold (NY-8)

Neal, Richard E. (MA-2)

Norton, Eleanor Holmes (DC-AL)

Olver, John W. (MA-1)

Pallone, Frank (NJ-6)

Payne, Donald M. (NJ-10)

Pingree, Chellie (ME-1)

Polis, Jared (CO-2)

Price, David E. (NC-4)

Richardson, Laura (CA-37)

Sanchez, Loretta (CA-47)

Schakowsky, Janice D. (IL-9)

Slaughter, Louise McIntosh (NY-28)

Speier, Jackie (CA-12)

Stark, Fourtney Pete (CA-13)

Tierney, John F. (MA-6)

Tonko, Paul (NY-21)

Towns, Edolphus (NY-10)

Welch, Peter (VT-AL)

Woolsey, Lynn C. (CA-6)

Yarmuth, John A. (KY-3)

Total of 65 co-signers.

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