Nuclear Weapons: Ask the Candidates

Nuclear Weapons: Ask the Candidates

The world will not be safe from nuclear weapons until there are no nuclear weapons left. U.S. military leaders believe the stockpiles could be cut even further than those negotiated with Russia in 2010 without endangering national security. Ask your candidates for their perspective.

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Nuclear Nonproliferation

Talk to Iran

Talk to Iran

Negotiations continue over Iran's nuclear program. As the next round of talks begins, Congress must give diplomats space and flexibility—instead of imposing new sanctions. Diplomacy is the best way to prevent Iran from getting the nuclear bomb.

The Nuclear Calendar

Get weekly updates of events related to nuclear weapons and proliferation issues

Get weekly updates of events related to nuclear weapons and proliferation issues

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Stories & Successes

Experts Write to President Obama Over Nonproliferation Cuts

100 top experts write to President Obama over severe non-proliferation spending cuts. The administration's 2015 budget proposal would reduce spending on programs designed to secure vulnerable nuclear material by 25 percent.

"Prophets of Oak Ridge"

Washington Post

The Washington Post examines the story of Transform Now Plowshares activists Sister Megan Rice, Greg Boertje-Obed, and Michael Walli, from their break-in to the uranium storage facility at Y-12 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, through the aftermath of their trial.

Peace Activists Convicted, Await Sentencing

Three peace activists were convicted for breaching the security perimeter of a major nuclear weapons facility. They will soon be sentenced. To sentence these three gentle activists as “terrorists” who were intent on “sabotage” would surely not be just. They neither harmed anyone nor tried to harm anyone. Their goal was to awaken the conscience of the nation.

President Obama Calls for Further Reductions

In a speech in Berlin last month, President Obama called for further reductions of up to one-third of the nuclear arsenal.

Celebrities Call for No More Nuclear Weapons

Celebrities and stars come together in a video by Global Zero to demand no more nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Safety Threatened by Budget Cuts

FCNL's David Culp writes how budget cuts under consideration take away from crucial non-proliferation programs that help to secure loose nuclear and radioactive material around the world.

FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

"We urge the elimination of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Nations must move toward comprehensive disarmament. We advocate that the United States take unilateral steps toward disarmament, believing that other nations will respond affirmatively to this example. The risks of disarmament are far smaller than the risks involved in the current course of weapons development, proliferation and stockpiling.

We call for our federal government to safely dispose of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and materials in the United States and abroad."

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Meet Our Lobbyist

David Culp

David Culp has more than 15 years experience lobbying on nuclear arms control and disarmament legislation.

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