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FCNL’s Native American advocacy program offers the support of an enduring ally, pointing to opportunities for investment that the federal government might overlook or underfund, and providing information, where possible, on the continuing struggles of native peoples.

This work takes us into all of the issue areas encountered by any government: land and borders; environment, energy, and natural resources; economic development; care for the safety and well-being of tribal citizens; and investment in the future through health and education.

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Watching Congress: Selected Bills of Interest in Indian Country - 114th Congress

Formerly known as "Native American Bills We're Watching" this list includes and describes many -- but by no means all -- bills pertaining to Indian Country, both tribes and individuals. The bills are organized by topic, and each description includes a link to the bill itself, and to related update stories, if any.

Save Oak Flats - Environmental Impact Study

Faith groups joined many others in submitting formal comments to the Forestry Service for the Environmental Impact Study on the land exchange that cedes Oak Flat and surrounding Forest Service property to Resolution Copper mining company. Faith groups support local tribes' traditional cultural and spiritual ties to Oak Flat, and caution about the potentially destructive environmental impact of the planned project -- the largest copper mine inthe United States.

See joint faith-group formal comments on Environmental Impact Study

New Indian Child Welfare Regulations Welcomed

Native American groups and their allies in faith communities welcomed new regulations on the Indian Child Welfare Act by the Department of the Interior. The new regulations clarify how the Indian Child Welfare Act, which became law in 1978, is to be applied.

See the joint statements by the National Congress of American Indians, the National Indian Child Welfare Association, and the Native American Rights Fund and by faith partners.

Faith Groups Welcome New Child Welfare Rules

Faith groups welcome new Indian Child Welfare regulations that honor families and communities, and put a high priority on keeping families together.
FCNL and many other faith groups strongly supported the original passage of this Act, which is intended to keep Indian families together and Indian children within their communities when foster care and adoption are being considered.

See joint faith statement here.


Monumental Decisions to Protect Ancestral Lands

1.9 million acres in southeastern Utah, traditional home of 13 Indian tribes, and the location of more than 100,000 significant archaeological sites -- this is "Bears Ears." Will the president protect it as a national monument?

Santa Fe Indian School - Inclusion and Celebration

First Lady Michelle Obama chose to deliver her annual graduation address at a tribally owned and operated high school. In one important paragraph of her speech, Michelle Obama acknowledged the enduring effects of the history of the colonization and destruction of Native peoples, and celebrated the resilience and brilliance of the new history being written by this school.

Federal Sentencing Reform and Indian Country

Native Americans are disproportionately represented in federal courts and federal prisons. Reforms in sentencing laws could benefit Indian Country.

FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

"Federal policies and laws must conform to the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and recognize that Native Americans, Native Hawaiians and Alaska Natives retain aboriginal rights. Treaties and trust agreements contain solemn and binding promises that must be honored. Tribal police and courts should have primary authority over all criminal activity on reservation lands."

See more.

Our advocacy for Native Americans depends on your continuing support.


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Ruth Flower leads our Native American advocacy program.

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