Israeli and Palestinian Kids Holding Hands

Urge Congress: Visit Peacebuilders

Every day many Israelis and Palestinians work hard for nonviolent solutions to the conflict, even while this nonviolent movement is routinely ignored in Washington. Please urge your members of Congress to visit Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilders on their next trip to the region.


Shifting the Discourse on Israel:

Shifting the Discourse on Israel:

FCNL's Maiya Zwerling reflects on her experience with militaristic rhetoric in the Jewish community and its part in perpetuating conflict in Israel/Palestine.

On the Hill

Working for Peace in the Middle East:

Working for Peace in the Middle East:

We've been hard at work lobbying in support of our vision for a more peaceful Middle East. See which bills we're tracking and find out more about our work on Iran and Syria.

What's New on the Middle East

Three Years of Syrian War- Far More We Can Do

FCNL is working with congressional offices and a broad coalition of more than a hundred organizations from twenty-three countries to shine a light on the Syrian crisis that continues to rage as we approach the third anniversary of the Syrian civil war.

104 Reps Push for Diplomacy with Iran

Over 100 members of Congress "Give Diplomacy a Chance" with Iran in a letter to the President. This bipartisan effort, organized by a broad coalition of lawmakers, cautions against passing new sanctions or other legislation that would jeopardize the "hard-won progress toward a verifiable final agreement."

37 Intl Humanitarian, Human Rights, and Peace Organizations Call for UNSC Resolution to Open Syria to Aid

As Olympic Games open in Sochi, 37 humanitarian, human rights, and peace organizations call for UNSC resolution demanding full and unimpeded humanitarian access across Syria.

Call Your Rep for Iran Diplomacy

Call your Rep today to support--not sabotage--diplomacy with Iran: 1-855-68-NO WAR (855-686-6927) and post a blog comment here about your call.

FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

"We support active non-violent responses to prevent or transform violent conflict at all levels.

The cycles of violence perpetuated by acts of terror and the armed overthrow of governments serve as warning against the use of force, while the examples of nonviolent movements for change provide concrete alternatives.”

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Our work for Middle East peace depends on your support.


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Kate Gould lobbies on foreign policy, including Israel-Palestine, Iran, and other Middle East issues.

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