Israel/Gaza: Uphold the Ceasefire

Israel/Gaza: Uphold the Ceasefire

The ceasefire that ended last summer’s devastating violence between Israel and Gaza has yet to be fully implemented, leaving the door open for further violent conflict. The United States can play its part by holding both sides accountable, and by supporting massive rebuilding efforts in Gaza.

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War is (still) not the answer

War is (still) not the answer

For Congress to ensure that the president seeks approval before using military force in Iraq, it must take away the never-ending authorization it gave with the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force and the 2002 Iraq authorization. Both are far too broad and do not include sunset provisions.

Voices for Peace

FCNL helped organize a National Service of Mourning in remembrance of those who have died in Palestine and Israel.

What's New on the Middle East

Senators Try to Undermine Iran Negotiations

Your members of Congress are hearing a lot of opposition to diplomacy. They need to hear that their constituents support the ongoing talks with Iran. Please call Congress today, and urge them to let diplomacy work.

Tell Congress: Oppose New War Authorization

President Obama's newly requested Authorization for the Use of Military Force perpetuates the endless war of the past 13 years. The debate about how the U.S. will engage in war is alive in Washington, DC -- add your voice.

On the Death of Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller, the last known American hostage held by the Islamic State, was confirmed dead today.

FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

"We support active non-violent responses to prevent or transform violent conflict at all levels.

The cycles of violence perpetuated by acts of terror and the armed overthrow of governments serve as warning against the use of force, while the examples of nonviolent movements for change provide concrete alternatives.”

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Our work for Middle East peace depends on your support.


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