Crisis in Iraq and Syria

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Contact Congress

Contact Congress

Your members of Congress need to hear that you oppose military intervention in Iraq and Syria, including "train and equip" missions that arm local militias and armies.

Four Ways the U.S. Can Help Stop the Killing in Iraq and Syria

More bombs will only mean more bloodshed and instability. Here's what the U.S. should do:

  1. Stop U.S. bombing in Iraq and Syria.
  2. Pursue alternative strategies for long-term peace.
  3. Reject any new war authorization.
  4. Repeal the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force.

Options for Non-Military Responses

The U.S. goals in Iraq have now expanded to “ultimately destroy” IS. Yet every additional U.S. bomb helps IS recruit fighters and could potentially build support among a population that overwhelmingly opposes the atrocities they have committed.

Guiding Principles for Responding to the Crisis

Violence begets violence. At FCNL, we call for nonviolent, constructive responses that build long-term stability and peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the U.S. stop IS from killing people from going to war? How do you reason with terrorist groups? We don't have all the answers, but we've given our perspective on some of your questions that we've heard most.

Updates and More Information

Matt Southworth on The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, MSNBC

Matt Southworth on The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, MSNBC

Matt Southworth and other veterans call for a long-term strategy to deal with IS. They note that decades of bombs haven't quelled the violence in Iraq.

Michael Shank on The Newsroom, CNN

Michael Shank on The Newsroom, CNN

Michael Shank, who opposes the U.S. airstrikes against ISIS, says he's doubtful the strikes will be effective in Iraq and Syria.

Jim cason

Syria: Responding to Brutality

The brutal images from Iraq and Syria compel us to act. But what if our actions make matters worse?

Iraq War veterans should know better

Iraq War veterans should know better

Rather than promote stability and resolution to the conflicts that rage in the Middle East, expanded U.S. engagement will only harden the resolve of the extremists.

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