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Diplomacy Works

For more a decade, FCNL has advocated for improved U.S.-Iran relations. Our priority is to see the U.S. government engage in the diplomacy that will help bring Iran back into the fold of the international community and prevent the country from acquiring nuclear weapons.


Support Historic Deal with Iran

A huge vote on war and peace is right around the corner. Today, world powers announced a deal over Iran's nuclear program -- and now Congress will weigh in.

Historic Iran Deal Deserves Full Congressional Support

FCNL welcomes the historic breakthrough between six powers and Iran, and calls on Congress to support this accord, which guards against another nuclear-armed nation and war in the Middle East.

Congressional Timeline of the Iran Agreement

A timeline of congressional action of a prospective nuclear deal with Iran.

In Iran Deal, a Vote for Diplomacy

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and FCNL's Kate Gould write: "The Iran deal reached in Vienna is a historic victory. Exquisite diplomacy has delivered Washington and Tehran from years of teetering on the brink of war to one of the greatest diplomatic achievements of the nuclear age."

Lobby With Us

Pro-Diplomacy Toolkit

Going to visit your member of Congress? Take this ‘leave behind’ to ask your congressional offices to speak out in support of diplomacy and oppose new sanctions and other saber-rattling legislation. You can also get your lawmakers’ attention with a pro-diplomacy letter to the editor.

What Israeli, U.S. Experts Say on Iran Talks

Check out the military leaders and other U.S. and Israeli security experts from across the political spectrum who have come out in support of multi-lateral diplomatic negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program.

FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

"We support active non-violent responses to prevent or transform violent conflict at all levels.

The cycles of violence perpetuated by acts of terror and the armed overthrow of governments serve as warning against the use of force, while the examples of nonviolent movements for change provide concrete alternatives.”

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Our work to prevent war with Iran depends on your support.


Meet Our Lobbyist

Kate Gould

Kate Gould lobbies on preventing war with Iran, Israel-Palestine peace, and other Middle East issues.

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