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Compassionate Immigration Reform

We seek immigration policies that protect immigrants, their families and the communities to which they belong. We continue to press Congress for fair and compassionate proposals that mend our broken immigration system and create lasting positive solutions.

End Family Detention

There is no way to detain families "humanely" and we continue to urge the Administration to end this detrimental policy. Read why.


Living in Limbo: Supreme Court Immigration Decision

Every day, parents are torn from their children and young adults are deported to foreign countries unknown to them. Every day, families with mixed immigration status live with fear and anxiety of separation by deportation or detention. Today, millions of undocumented immigrants and their family members continue to live in limbo, rooted in their lives as Americans with no path towards legal status – temporary or permanent.

The Friends Committee on National Legislation Deplores the Supreme Court United States v. Texas Non-Decision, Calls for Congressional Action

The Friends Committee on National Legislation responds to the Supreme Court United States v. Texas Decision today which leaves millions of immigrant families in continued limbo. FCNL urges Congress to take action.

FCNL Joins Over 155 Organizations Urging Administration to Stop Raids and Other Enforcement Actions, Ensure Due Process

FCNL joined 155 other organizations urging the administration to cease ongoing raids and other enforcement actions against Central American families and youths. The letter cites numerous examples where due process was violated for families and youths picked up in the operations.

Immigration Bills We're Watching in the 114th Congress

Read about Immigration legislation in the 114th Congress that we are watching.

FCNL Joins Over 200 Faith-Based Organizations Urging Protected Status for Central Americans Seeking Refuge

FCNL joined over 200 faith-based organizations and over 400 faith leaders in asking the Administration to extend temporary protected status to individuals seeking refuge from violence in the Northern Triangle of Central America.

Interfaith Immigration Coalition

FCNL is an active member of and co-chairs the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, which is a partnership of over 45 faith-based organizations committed to enacting just and humane immigration reform. Check out the resources and actions on

their website, or follow them at @interfaithimm on Twitter.

FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

" The United States derives much of its strength and character from the many peoples who have built it. Our immigration policy must honor the human rights and due process rights of all persons, offer fair opportunities to enter or to remain in the country and pursue citizenship and adequately address the needs of communities affected by immigration.

Read more.

Our work on immigration policy depends on your support.


Meet Our Lobbyist

Hannah Graf Evans lobbies on immigration and domestic policy issues.

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© 2016 FCNL | 245 Second St, NE, Washington, DC 20002 202-547-6000 | Toll Free 800-630-1330