Call to Conscience on Climate Disruption

Call to Conscience on Climate Disruption

Congressional action is essential to catalyzing the necessary national and global solutions to climate disruption. However, Congress is not discussing – much less addressing – the climate crisis. Non-partisan faith communities are well-suited to establish the moral foundation for climate action.

Trade Deals

15th Street Monthly Meeting Minute on the TPP

15th Street Monthly Meeting Minute on the TPP

Read 15th Street Monthly Meeting's Minute opposing Fast Track Authority in Congress and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Youth Activism

Young People Seek an Earth Restored

Young People Seek an Earth Restored

Faith & Leadership

If the church wants to remain relevant for students and the youth generation, it should increase and amplify its call to action on climate change.

News and Resources

Quakers for Climate Action


If the faith community can come together to issue the moral call to conscience on climate disruption, we can work with optimism and resolve toward a thriving future.

Read Jose and Emily's article here.

Good News for Climate in Obama's Budget

President Obama’s proposed budget for the Fiscal Year 2015 reflects the Administration’s robust commitment to address the challenges of climate disruption.

Read more about the budget here.

Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

The State Department released its Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement of the Keystone XL pipeline. We can still influence Obama's final decision.

Read more here.

Exposing Biggest Trade Deal in U.S. History

FCNL urges Congress to protect the dignity of all peoples, democracy, God’s Creation, and its constitutional authority under the Commerce Clause, by opposing “Fast Track” authority for the TPP.

Read more here.

13 Faith Organizations Declare Support for Shaheen-Portman

FCNL sent out a letter signed by 13 faith organizations to all of the Senators. See our declaration of support for the bipartisan, energy-efficiency Shaheen-Portman bill.

Read more about the letter here.

A Moral Call to Action

Religious groups and faith-based organizations the world all over are in agreement: climate disruption requires immediate action. Climate disruption disproportionately affects the poor and disenfranchised, but it also goes against the ideals of stewardship and of leaving the Earth for generations to come.

Read what these groups are saying about the environment.

FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

"We declare that humankind must respect the ecological integrity and the sacredness of the natural world. All on this earth are interdependent, and we are strongly mindful of the call to be wise stewards of what God has provided. Friends’ testimonies have deep relevance to the global environmental crises we see unfolding around us."

Read more

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