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Appropriations Season is in Full Swing

By Tila Neguse on 06/19/2014 @ 02:30 PM

Tags: Budget, Domestic, budget news, poverty

The summer months mark appropriations season, when Congress determines the amount of money that is granted to federal programs.

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Iraq: The Fall of Tal Afar

By Matt Southworth on 06/16/2014 @ 04:30 PM

Tags: Iraq, Middle East, Weapons, War Is Not the Answer

A decade after the invasion, almost no positive effect of our involvement in Iraq remains intact and yet the talk is almost exclusively around military intervention. Yet he same generals and political figures who marched us down the war path in 2003—and subsequently failed— are now calling for a military intervention yet again in Iraq.

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5 Ways Nuclear Talks with Iran Are Making Progress

By Jim Cason on 06/12/2014 @ 01:00 PM

Tags: war is not the answer, Iran

Diplomatic to guard against a nuclear armed Iran have made real progress, but more work needs to be done. Now is not the time to undermine diplomacy.

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EPA Rules a Step to Reducing Carbon Pollution

By Jose Aguto on 05/30/2014 @ 03:00 PM

Tags: environment, featured

On Monday, June 2nd, the EPA announced the highly anticipated climate change regulations for existing power plants. While Congressional action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is still essential, this is a welcome and necessary step towards U.S. leadership on climate disruption.

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Don't Replace Big Wars with Small Ones

By Jim Cason on 05/29/2014 @ 01:00 PM

Tags: war is not the answer, drones, Afghanistan, Iraq, featured

President Barack Obama rolled out a new vision of the U.S. role in the world this week that is grounded in a shift from fighting large wars in a few places to mounting small scale military engagements in many more countries. The president got this new vision half right.

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Drone Warfare is Still War

By Elizabeth Beavers on 05/29/2014 @ 10:35 AM

Tags: foreign policy, war is not the answer, drones, aumf

The President announced he wants to shift American foreign policy away from war and toward peace, but then he pledged his commitment to continuing drone strikes. Drone warfare is still war, and this will not bring peace.

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Ending Endless War: More Votes, another Chance

By Jim Cason on 05/22/2014 @ 01:00 PM

Tags: war is not the answer, drones, featured

The House of Representatives came another step closer to ending the war on terror and repealing the law that puts us in a state of permanent war.

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Big News at FCNL and a Job Opening

By Kathy Zager on 05/19/2014 @ 02:38 PM

Tags: around the office, communications, Quakerism

FCNL is expanding its young adult programming significantly. We are adding an intensive 10-12 day summer training and a year-long Advocacy Corps. Read more for details, including a job opening.

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When Government Kills

By Diane Randall on 05/02/2014 @ 10:39 AM

The botched execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma manifests the most current dilemma of government-sanctioned killing. This travesty is yet another reason that compels us work to abolish the death penalty in the U.S.

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Obama: Why Do People Want War?

By Jim Cason on 05/01/2014 @ 11:00 AM

President Obama recently wondered what military force accomplishes. That's a great place to start a conversation about other ways to address conflicts.

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