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Refugees, Faith & Action

By Jim Cason on 11/21/2015 @ 07:00 AM

Tags: refugees, Syria, war is not the answer

How do we get beyond the rhetoric and hate speech to act in a way that starts to transform us and our neighbors?

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We Must Not Act in Fear

By Ruth Flower on 11/17/2015 @ 03:41 PM

Tags: refugees, syria

As the news from Paris unfolded, we were all Parisians, as we were all Lebanese a few days before when suicide bombs killed 43 and wounded 240 more, as we were all Kenyans last April when 147 college students were killed.

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Peacebuilding Successes in Central African Republic

By Asana Hamidu on 11/05/2015 @ 09:13 AM

Tags: peacebuilding, CAR

Mercy Corps recently released a report, Building Community Resilience During Violent Conflict, that demonstrates the remarkable impact of peacebuilding programs in the Central African Republic (CAR) and holds lessons for future crises.

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Budget News (?): Pentagon Wins

By Ruth Flower on 10/27/2015 @ 06:00 PM

Tags: Budget, Pentagon budget, budget news, Ruth

Monday night, House and Senate budget negotiators agreed on a deal – a budget that will cover FY 2016 and FY 2017. Is there news? Well, Pentagon spending went up again...

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The Pope’s Message of Peace

By Asana Hamidu on 10/20/2015 @ 02:01 PM

Tags: peacebuilding

During his September visit to the United States, Pope Francis used the opportunity to spread a message of peace, hope, and reconciliation as well as bring attention to inequality, marginalized peoples, and those individuals affected by violent conflict around the world. Highlights of the trip include the Pope’s speech to Congress, remarks at the White House, and an address before the United Nations General Assembly.

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Impact of Government Surveillance on Muslim Americans and Communities of Color

By Katherine Kusiak Carey on 10/13/2015 @ 10:53 AM

Tags: civil liberties, surveillance, NSA, discrimination

Just like civil rights activists a generation before, we see once again, Black Americans and Muslim Americans on the forefront of discriminatory surveillance by the U.S. government. Activists, academics, and researchers discuss the impact discriminatory surveillance has had on communities of color and the future of discriminatory surveillance as technology and access to data continues to grow.

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We Begin with Acknowledgement

By Hannah Evans on 10/12/2015 @ 10:30 AM

Tags: Native American, Domestic

Too many Americans are celebrating Columbus Day today without contemplation. Instead, we must join together with Indigenous communities in acknowledging our true shared history, including honoring Indigenous contributions, sorrows, and names. Only then can we all move closer to true justice.

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Outbreak of Violence in CAR

By Allyson Neville-Morgan on 10/09/2015 @ 03:00 PM

Tags: peacebuilding, ppdc, car, central african republic

There is troubling news of renewed intercommunal fighting in Central African Republic (CAR). The latest round of violence – in a conflict that began in late 2012 – was sparked in the capital of Bangui on Saturday, September 26. This development underscores the need for long-term engagement and commitment from the United States and the international community to fully support peace and reconciliation efforts.

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Papal Opposition to Nuclear Weapons

By Jacob Chappell on 10/05/2015 @ 11:30 AM

Tags: nuclear

The Pope and the Bomb panel discussion and Q&A was held on September 17th.The speakers were: Bishop Oscar Cantú, a Chairman in the Committee on International Justice & Peace (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops), former Senator Sam Nunn, and Maryann Cusimano Love Associate, Professor of International Relations at The Catholic University of America.

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The Future We Want

By Asana Hamidu on 09/30/2015 @ 04:07 PM

Tags: peacebuilding, ppdc

World leaders gathered in New York this week for the 70th United Nations General Assembly. This was a momentous occasion where the international community came together and approved the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which sets up an agenda for the next fifteen years of measurable progress toward tackling some of the world’s most pressing concerns such as extreme poverty, access to healthcare, hunger and other development concerns.

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