Voting and Elections

Make Peace an Election Issue

The debates leading up to an election provides you an opportunity to talk with members of Congress and candidates about issues of peace, justice, and the environment. Political candidates—whether incumbent or new—"listen louder" during campaigns than at any other times in their careers. By changing the debate in the elections, you'll help change the debate in Congress.

Register to Vote

Are you registered? Are your friends, neighbors, and relatives?

Find registration information.

Do Your Research

Find out about the races and candidates in your area this year.

Find out how your current members of Congress have voted in the past on FCNL's priority issues. Look up your member in our online congressional directory, then click on the 'Votes' tab in his or her profile.

We can’t rebuild our House of Democracy without your election year work.
former Executive Secretary Joe Volk

Write a Letter to the Editor

By responding to coverage of the election, you'll influence your candidates and reach other people in your community at the same time.

See FCNL's tips for writing letters to the editor.

Question the Candidates

Go to public events, debates, or forums and make your voice heard.

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