More War? Votes Coming

Sep 15, 2014

>Dear Friend,

The bombs have already started dropping, but the crisis in Iraq and Syria could get much worse. This week, your members of Congress are voting on plans to equip and train groups of rebels in Syria. President Obama wants approval for this plan as the first step in a long-term war against the Islamic State.

Urge your representative to vote "NO" on expanding military aid to rebel groups in Syria—and to oppose action on President Obama's proposals for a new war in the Middle East. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-855-686-6927 and ask to be connected to your representative's office.

It's a bad idea to arm rebel groups. U.S. weapons have already ended up in the hands of the Islamic State after being provided to (or abandoned by) groups in Syria and Iraq. Putting more weapons into this conflict just fans the flames.

Arming the rebels also sets the U.S. on the course President Obama has laid out for a multi-year war to eradicate the Islamic State. This longer term plan is even more troubling. U.S. military intervention can't resolve this conflict. The U.S. must act with other nations and regional stakeholders to end extremist violence, help the victims and address the terrible short and long-term humanitarian consequences of the fighting.

Today: Call Congress

Congress should reject any proposal that sets the U.S. on a course for more war in Iraq or Syria. Please call today. You'll join people across the country taking part in a national call-in campaign. Dial 1-855-686-6927 and use the talking points below to make your call:

  • Hi, my name is ______, and I'm a constituent from _______.
  • I'm calling to urge my representative to reject any proposal that sets the U.S. on a course for a long term war in the Middle East.
  • Please vote "NO" on expanding military aid to rebel groups in Syria.
  • There's already too much violence in Iraq and Syria, and more weapons will only make the situation worse.
  • Thank you.


Jim Cason
Associate Executive Secretary
Strategic Advocacy

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