Take Action: Build Momentum for War's End

June 21, 2011

Will one more congressional vote end the war in Afghanistan? No. But the votes, the ongoing costs of the war, and growing disillusionment with the president’s failed war strategy are creating pressure for a change in policy.

This week, your representative has a chance to add to that pressure by taking a bold stand on ending the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Rep. Barbara Lee (CA) will offer an amendment to legislation to fund the U.S. military that would cut all funding for the Afghanistan war except money to pay for the withdrawal of U.S. troops. Please ask your representative to vote “yes” on the Lee amendment.

Right now, the Obama administration is making far-reaching decisions about the future U.S. war in Afghanistan. In a speech this Wednesday, the president is expected to lay out some of these decisions. The administration is paying close attention to the growing number of people who are speaking out against the war – which now includes members of Congress from across the political spectrum, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and newspapers around the country.

Which is why writing your representative could make a difference. Even if your representative doesn’t vote to end the war, what your letters and these votes do – when combined with the broader pressure from public opinion, other protests, and concerns about government spending – is make it easier for the administration to go along with the growing chorus against the war. Please help to continue to build this momentum for change. Ask your representative to vote “yes” on Rep. Barbara Lee’s amendment to de-fund the war.

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