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House Approves Aid to Syrian Rebels: Take Action

Dear Friend,

Last night (September 17), the House of Representatives voted to provide training and military equipment to Syrian rebels. This is the first step Congress has taken to support the administration's plans for another war in the Middle East.

But there's still time to roll back a military operation. Please respond to your representative's vote and encourage him or her to speak out for effective alternatives.

Find out more about how the U.S. should respond to the Islamic State: Michael Shank spoke out against airstrikes yesterday on CNN, and Kate Gould worked with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson -- former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell -- to analyze the effects of arming Syrian rebels. Take a look, then take action.


Jim Cason
Associate Executive Secretary for Strategic Advocacy

P.S. Some members of Congress are saying they don't see alternatives to U.S. military action. We disagree. See our website for what we think the U.S. should be doing.

For more on this new rush to war, see our action request before this vote .

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