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40 Percent of Your Tax Dollars Go to War

Tax Day is just one week away. Whether you're writing a check or waiting for a refund, you'd probably like to know how our government spends your tax dollars. Here's your answer:

That's right, 40 cents out of every federal tax dollar you pay for 2013 went to fund current and past wars.

You can help change this number. Your members of Congress are already beginning to write legislation that will determine how much of the future federal budget goes to war. Please write a letter to the editor, mentioning your members of Congress by name and encouraging them to bring the Pentagon budget under control. A concrete place they can start is by tightening up on the $102 billion every year that's wasted or lost to abuse and fraud.

Your letter can do more than get your senators' attention it can get the attention of others in your community. Most people don't realize that the biggest chunk of their tax dollars goes to pay for wars. Yet we're only investing pennies on the dollar to solve critical problems that need government attention.

Taxes are an important way that we all contribute to the common good. They enable our government to provide services to meet our shared needs as a nation. Let your members of Congress know you want more of your tax dollars to meet the pressing, shared needs we have — not to invest in war.

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