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End the Slush Fund for War

Both the House and the Senate are poised to add more money to the slush fund for war. But with your help, they could block the increased funding for war.

The Pentagon's Overseas Contingency Operations account is especially controversial in the House for many reasons, not least because it lets the Pentagon play by its own rules. Former White House budget official Gordon Adams and Sen. John McCain (AZ) have both called it a "gimmick." We’re clear about our message to Congress: the Pentagon shouldn’t have a slush fund for war.

Take Action: Urge your members of Congress to close the Pentagon’s Overseas Contingency Operations account, and ask them to require the Pentagon to follow the same budget rules as everyone else.

Since 2011, almost the whole federal government has been operating under tight spending limits. But Pentagon contractors (weapons manufacturers) have relied on this special fund as a cushion to protect high profits -- the Pentagon can use the OCO account to get around budget caps.

According to the Constitution, Congress controls military spending. Tell your members of Congress to take control of this slush fund and require that the Pentagon be accountable for all of its spending through its regular budget.

As a lobbyist, I've seen again and again what a difference your work at home makes in Washington. Thank you.

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