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Syrian Refugees: Oppose Anti-Refugee Bill

In just a few days, your senators will consider an anti-refugee bill, the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act, that would immediately halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees.

The House already voted overwhelmingly in support of this discriminatory proposal. Congress is poised to turn away hundreds of thousands of vulnerable women and children fleeing violence and persecution.

Act now: Urge your Senators to vote NO on Sen. Ron Johnson’s anti-refugee bill that would effectively shut down refugee resettlement.

The legislation would put up additional bureaucratic hurdles in the already-extensive refugee screening process, effectively pausing resettlement of refugees from Syria and Iraq.

Now is the time for your senators to show compassion and leadership. As a nation of immigrants and refugees, the U.S. has a special responsibility to people affected by ongoing violence in Iraq, Syria, and neighboring countries. Please write today and share this message with others in your community.

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