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Moral Courage and Climate Change

"Humanity still has the ability to work together in building our common home." In Pope Francis' encyclical on climate, he affirms our shared moral responsibility to care for the most vulnerable peoples and the Earth, given to us by the Creator. He emphasizes for us what so many faith traditions, including the Catholic Church and the Religious Society of Friends, and indigenous peoples have long been saying: to care for our neighbors, children, and future generations, we must care for our Earth.

Doing that requires all of us, including our elected officials, to address climate change. Urge your members of Congress to speak out for bipartisan action on climate.

The Pope's statement amplifies the moral perspective in the climate debate at a critical time. Although some members of Congress have entrenched in long-held positions, we've seen the power of faithful conversations to bring people together across the aisle.

Therefore, we hope, pray, and urge our legislators to lead with the moral courage of Pope Francis’ words, and together to publicly express that which they already know, so that Congress may be transformed as a leader for the change we seek.

Call for bipartisan action on climate change.

Out of a concern for a present and future where the potential of all peoples may be fulfilled, now is the time for action.

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