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The Debate Raised the Issues. Now Congress Should Act.

The first presidential debate touched on many of the challenges we’re facing as a country. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gave voters an idea of how they would address issues ranging from mass incarceration to the use of nuclear weapons.

The president who takes office in January will have a lot of influence over these decisions. But we don’t need to wait to weigh in on what the U.S. does in these areas. Congress will be back in session right after Election Day with a full agenda. There’s a lot that can happen. But your members of Congress need to know their constituents are watching and expect action.

Write a letter to the editor urging Congress to make bold decisions after the election. Last night’s debate provides the perfect “hook” to make your voice heard on these critical issues.

Congress has a lot of important work left to do this year. They’ve almost reached agreement on bipartisan sentencing reform – but they have to make the last push to pass it. Without congressional action, we won’t be able to welcome refugees, fund peacebuilding, and help vulnerable people adapt to the effects of climate change.

The presidential debate raises these issues in the news. Use this opportunity to write a letter to the editor and urge Congress to act when they return in November.

Jim Cason


Jim Cason

Associate Executive Secretary,
Strategic Advocacy 

P.S. We encourage you to make our sample letter to the editor your own by following these principles:

Respond to a news article or editorial.
Ask for action & mention your members of Congress by name.
Provide facts to support your point of view.
Tie in your story & your relationship to your community.

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