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Support Iran Talks Extension

While watching the bitter fruits of militarism at home and abroad, we also pause this Thanksgiving to give thanks for steps that move us toward peace and justice.

FCNL has lobbied Congress hard over the past several months for letting diplomacy work with Iran. We are grateful for the “real and substantial progress” negotiators have made toward preventing a nuclear-armed Iran. Although negotiators fell short of the comprehensive deal, the talks are making progress.

Please write a letter to the editor supporting the ongoing talks with Iran and urging members of Congress by name to speak out in favor of continuing the negotiations with Iran.

Your action can help magnify the importance of diplomacy. Journalists tell us that our letters are more likely to be published over the Thanksgiving weekend. We hope you’ll also say you agree with the more than 400 grassroots lobbyists who came to Washington last week to argue that #DiplomacyWorks and urge lawmakers to make public statements in favor of diplomacy.

In the last year, as a result of these negotiations, Iran has halted progress on its nuclear program for the first time in a decade. The number of international inspectors in Iran has been doubled and they have visited Iran's nuclear program every day instead of the only twice-monthly inspections before the agreement went into effect.

At FCNL’s Quaker Public Policy Institute and lobby day last week, retired military leaders from the U.S. and Israel agree that a comprehensive deal with Iran is the best way to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and a new war.

We know that the last part of the negotiations is always the hardest. “We don’t want just any agreement. We want the right agreement,” said Secretary Kerry Monday in describing why the U.S. agreed to extend these talks. “We must ensure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons, period.” The negotiators have set a March deadline for a political or framework agreement.

We have to be relentless in seeking a world without war and the threat of war and a society with equity and justice for all. FCNL will continue lobbying for solutions that prevent and end violent conflict and for solutions that prevent and end racial and economic injustice. I hope you will be with us in making your voices heard through letters to the editor and in talking to your members of Congress.

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