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Drop Food, NOT Bombs, on Iraq

The United States has once again started bombing Iraq, despite decades of U.S. military intervention fomenting the violence that still ravages Iraq today. More bombs will only mean more bloodshed and instability.

The United States can help stop the violence in Iraq by taking the following 5 steps:

  1. Stop U.S. bombing of Iraq, which will only result in more bloodshed and instability
  2. Coordinate with the United Nations on evacuation efforts of U.S. personnel from Erbil & Iraq's Yazidi population trapped on Sinjar mountain
  3. Press for and uphold an arms embargo in Iraq and Syria
  4. Engage with United Nations to reinvigorate efforts for a lasting political solution for Iraq and Syria
  5. Increase humanitarian aid

Please contact your members of Congress today to urge these steps.

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