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One Year Later, Still A Good (Iran) Deal

On July 14, 2015, world leaders reached a breakthrough nuclear deal with Iran. Already, that deal is making the world safer. Yet Congress is considering new sanctions that could put the deal in danger and set us back down the path to escalation and war.

Action Alerts and Congressional Research

Find action alerts, members of Congress, voting records, and current legislation. These tools can help you act online or prepare for in-person meetings with Congress.

Solve Problems and Change Policy

Meeting with Congress

Congressional staffers agree that lobbying in person is the most effective way to influence your member of Congress, whether at home or in DC.

Reach Out to Your Community

Numbers make a difference, and legislators will be more inclined to vote your way if they feel there is a groundswell of support behind your position. You can create that wave through community education.

Speak through the Media

Local papers are major resources for congressional offices working to stay in touch with their districts. Naming your member of Congress in a local paper almost guarantees that they will read your position.

Build a Relationship with Congress

Use the ladder of engagement to discover next steps and new options. No matter where you are on this ladder, you can be an effective part of advocacy for peace and justice – and FCNL is here to help.

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© 2016 FCNL | 245 Second St, NE, Washington, DC 20002 202-547-6000 | Toll Free 800-630-1330