Successes: What We're Achieving Together


Climate Change: Opening Dialogue

Breaking the partisan gridlock on climate change is a central focus of FCNL’s advocacy. Our work has led to the introduction of a Republican-sponsored resolution committing members to acknowledge and act to address climate change. FCNL is working with Rep. Chris Gibson (NY) and other sponsors to build broad, nonpartisan support. Speaking at the Climate Justice Rally on the National Mall during the Pope’s visit to Washington, FCNL’s Jose Aguto called it “a crack in the partisan dam, behind which lies a great river of climate solutions.” Our lobbying in Washington is supported and reinforced by the members of FCNL’s Advocacy Corps, who are organizing in districts across the country for bipartisan climate action.

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Syrian Refugees: Welcoming the Stranger

While some in Congress are working to keep Syrian refugees out, FCNL is challenging our government to do better. Along with, we co-chair a coalition of more than 100 groups from across the political spectrum to lobby against anti-refugee legislation. We have also been working to counter anti-Muslim rhetoric through public statements, social media outreach, and op-eds in media outlets such as The Hill, a DC-based newspaper.

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Iran: Diplomacy Works

FCNL’s powerful combination of media outreach, Hill lobbying, and grassroots advocacy played a key role in shoring up congressional support for U.S. diplomacy with Iran. Congressional Quarterly called FCNL’s Kate Gould “the Quaker lobbyist behind the Iran deal fight.” In January 2016, U.S.-Iran diplomacy resulted in Iran ripping out two-thirds of its uranium centrifuges, pouring cement into its plutonium reactor, and exporting most of its highly enriched uranium. With the deal secured, we are lobbying to keep Congress from violating the agreement’s terms.

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Pivoting to Peace

The failure of a decade of war has helped FCNL successfully advocate for expanding U.S. government capacities to prevent violence and pursue diplomacy. Yet the U.S. infrastructure to carry out this peacebuilding work is precarious and underfunded. U.S. foreign policy needs to pivot to peace. FCNL has highlighted U.S. support for peacebuilding efforts in Kenya, Burundi, and the Central African Republic to demonstrate the power of nonviolent approaches. We are also leading efforts to secure funding for peacebuilding and, in November 2015, brought 400 people to Washington to lobby for a permanent authorization of peacebuilding programs.

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Building Life-Long Lobbyists

People of all ages work for change with FCNL. Through advocacy events in Washington, DC and programs to sustain and support grassroots organizers in their local communities, we are making change together.

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Mass Incarceration: Unlocking Justice

Bipartisan legislation championed by FCNL is headed for the Senate floor in early 2016. The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act would reduce mandatory prison sentences and give judges more sentencing discretion. This important step in unlocking justice for prisoners is the focus of FCNL’s Spring Lobby Weekend in March.

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