The World We Seek: FCNL Legislative Policy Statement

The World We Seek, FCNL's policy statement, sets forth FCNL's broad objectives for public policy. The General Committee, or board of governors, revises and updates the statement on an ongoing basis.Legislative priorities for each Congress are drawn from the policy statement.

The current policy statement outlining the world we seek was approved in November 2013. Download the full document, or read it by section.


Since the early days of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), God’s spirit has led Friends to take action in the world. This Spirit has called Friends to recognize the equality of women and men, challenge hereditary privilege, help end legal slavery, struggle against oppression and reduce suffering inflicted by violent conflict. Since 1943, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) has carried on this witness of the Spirit through action on Capitol Hill. Governed by members of the Religious Society of Friends, FCNL acts in faith to create a world free from war, a society with equity and justice for all, a community where every person’s potential may be fulfilled and an earth restored.

Part 1: We Seek a World Free of War and the Threat of War

Friends have long found inspiration in George Fox’s invitation to live “in the virtue of that life and power that [takes] away the occasion of all wars.” We believe that peace throughout the world is God’s will and is attainable. True security results from a culture of peace, including a healthy environment, a fair and sustainable economic life, democratic participation, an educated population, personal well-being and healthy families. Peace and security can be achieved only by peaceful means.

Part 2: We Seek a Society with Equity and Justice for All

Friends’ witness calls for right relationships among people and between individuals and God. Governments are instituted, in part, to promote and protect basic human rights. These are rights, not mere privileges subject to easy denial. Friends acknowledge the indispensable role of government in safeguarding the integrity of our society and the essential dignity of all human beings. Citizens have the responsibility to participate vigorously in making government more responsive, open and accountable.

Part 3: We Seek a Community Where Every Person's Potential May Be Fulfilled

"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these . . . ye have done it unto me." We believe that God dwells in each human soul, and therefore it is the birthright of all persons to live a life of dignity with access to the basic necessities for human growth and development. Accordingly, we believe that all members of society should take responsibility for each other, not only to provide the essentials of life but also to ensure an opportunity for meaningful work and recreation so that each can contribute to society according to his or her abilities. Society benefits when families and communities make commitments to care for their members.

Part 4: We Seek an Earth Restored

We declare that humankind must respect the ecological integrity and the sacredness of the natural world. All on this earth are interdependent, and we are strongly mindful of the call to be wise stewards of what God has provided. Friends’ testimonies have deep relevance to the global environmental crises we see unfolding around us.

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