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FCNL gets to the root of problems by changing the systems and policies that drive them. We believe that Congress has immense power to effect positive change. It's our job to make sure they use it.

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We talk with public officials, urging them to change government policies that perpetuate all forms of injustice — from the violation of human rights, to war, to degradation of our earth, to the unbalanced priorities of our federal budget.

Join FCNL's Network

FCNL’s influence in Washington stems from the integrity and truthfulness of our arguments and the strength of our grassroots network. Our staff act with the support and participation of Friends and other like-minded people nationwide.

Engage Your Quaker Meeting

As a Quaker lobby in the public interest, we believe that there is that of God in everyone. It comes through in our goals, and it comes through in our approach. Our meetings with congressional offices inform them of our position but also provide an opportunity to listen to and learn from their perspective. We build relationships by finding and speaking to the divine light in each person we encounter.

Get Inspired by Successes

We are committed to working with everyone, no matter their party or history, to effect change. We have found over the past seven decades that our big wins come from coalition building and reaching across the aisle. This nonpartisan foundation strengthens our credibility with members of Congress of all parties.

Staff and Diversity

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

We aspire to weave the principles of diversity and inclusion into every aspect of our organization. We encourage our staff and volunteers to share their diverse backgrounds because those unique perspectives are important contributions to our work.

We're Hiring!

Our staff includes Quakers and non-Quakers from all walks of life. With a large and growing staff, FCNL posts job openings frequently. Positions are generally open until filled, although young adult program deadlines are cyclical. FCNL seeks to create a diverse workplace. We actively solicit applicants from different ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.

Governance and Finances

Positions, Governance and Policy

FCNL’s legislative priorities arises from a process of worshipful discernment, carried out by Friends in hundreds of Quaker meetings and churches across the country. We are governed by a General Committee, a board of nearly 200 Quakers from around the country who represent a range of organizations, perspectives and theological traditions within the Religious Society of Friends. Every two years, the General Committee determines FCNL's legislative agenda based on our overall policy statement: The World We Seek.

Finances and Stewardship

FCNL comprises two organizations. The Friends Committee on National Legislation is a 501(c)(4) civic organization, and the FCNL Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations to the latter are tax-deductible.

Combined Financials: FCNL's combined financials are strong, with Annual Fund contributions exceeding of $3 million yearly as of FY 2014. A majority of our income comes from individual donors, and both monthly giving and individual donations are on the rise.

The world we seek

We seek a world free of war and the threat of war
We seek a society with equity and justice for all
We seek a community where every person's potential may be fulfilled
We seek an earth restored

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    © 2016 FCNL | 245 Second St, NE, Washington, DC 20002 202-547-6000 | Toll Free 800-630-1330